5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

  • My blog exists to help express my creativity.
  • My blog exists to help connect mommas experiencing similar challenges.
  • My blog exists to help parents provide opportunities for their children to explore their creativity while letting go of expectations .
  • My blog exists to help parents find nontoxic cleaning products. 
  • My blog exists to help moms keep calm and find moments of joy in the mess of it all.
  1. Devote time to express myself and get creative.

I think it’s safe to say that as far as working parents go, we don’t have a whole lot of down time. Sure, maybe an hour or two after the kiddos go to sleep, but don’t lie to me and tell me that you don’t sit your butt on the couch and faceplant into your phone or TV as soon as those bedroom lights are turned off. Ok, maybe you actually have to get up four or five times to sooth a restless baby or get your toddler their twenty-seventh glass of water. Proving my point. WE DONT HAVE TIME.

By starting this blog, I am creating a space and devoting a time to MYSELF. A space where I can get creative and share my thoughts and ideas with whoever the heck wants to listen/read.

2. Connect mommas experiencing similar challenges.

I may be naturally introverted but ever since I entered motherhood, I have wanted and needed support and friendship more than ever before. Being a mom was something I naively thought I was prepared for. I have some solid background in caring for children but holy moly. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the sleep deprivation and the emotional roller coaster that motherhood brought with it. Mommas need support!

There are so many great mom blogs out there that helped me get through some challenging moments. My only hope for this blog is that by sharing my own experiences, I can gain wisdom from other mommas and hopefully share a little wisdom of my own. Motherhood is a trip and as the saying goes, “it takes a village.” The internet is a blessing for mommas in this regard.

  1. Help parents provide opportunities for their children to explore their creativity while letting go of expectations.

THIS! This is the biggest reason I’ve wanted to start this blog. Kids are professional mess makers. Put a couple of kids together and I swear they have a contest of who can empty all the containers of all the things the fastest! It’s basically in their DNA to make a mess and EXPLORE. I will explain in later posts about why messes are so beneficial for children, but my main goal is to create activities and crafts that get kiddos excited to

I adore a clean house and I know the effort that gets put into keeping it that way. BUT, in my experience, I had to lower my expectations of having a clean home all of the time if I wanted to let kids… BE KIDS. I want to help parents with setting boundaries for mess making that will make clean up easier, keep it safe for the kiddos, and still allow them to do the exploring that they desperately want and should do for healthy brain development.

  1. Help parents find non-toxic household supplies and cleaning products.

Surprise! Allowing your kiddo to create/destroy and make a mess comes…well a mess. Unfortunately, those messes will need to be washed away at some point or another. Having non-toxic cleaning supplies is a huge MUST in my household! I’m only one person with two hands chasing around a bunch of littles who also have two hands that can HELP! Using non-toxic cleaning products allows my little ones to get involved in cleaning the messes that they create and that we create together.

Switching to non-toxic and natural cleaning supplies has so many benefits. They are safe for the entire family and can help reduce exposure to harsh chemicals that are in regular cleaning products. Honestly, if this allows my kids to help me clean I’m sold. I want to help you find those supplies and other products for your home to give you peace of mind and breathe a little easier when those messes come your way.

  1. Inspire mommas to find joy in the mess of it all.

Setting up kiddos to make messes and explore can bring anxiety for parents. I know it still does for me. Knowing that I will be the one doing the majority of the clean up brings up several emotions that I have to set aside in order to find the value in mess making. I like to think of it as a meditation. I have to set up a plan, include some boundaries, and then prepare to focus on my breath while the mess making and exploration is happening. It’s friggin hard sometimes but I know that I was not put on this earth to keep a clean home. My kids were not put on this earth to keep things organized and in order. We are all born with curiosity and I want to make sure I encourage that curiosity in my children as long as I possibly can. If encouraging that curiosity means making a mess then heck let’s do it. LETS GET MESSY!


So here I am at 5:30 in the friggin morning creating this blog because that’s the only time I have to focus on myself. I’m choosing to spend this time gathering my thoughts and experiences and sharing it with whoever wants to listen. I spend my days with tiny humans so the possibility of striking up some adult conversations through this blog is probably way more exciting than it should be! HA! But, this is what motherhood looks like for me and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the absolute hardest and best job that’s ever happened to me. So, here we freaking go. I am starting a blog!

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